Advertisers See Big Benefits Way Before the Big Game


I have to admit, I love sports. For me, Super Bowl weekend is like a holiday. I look forward to the whole production of it – the tasty comfort food, quality time with family and friends and of course the friendly sports rivalries. However, as a marketer, I also look forward to the commercials.

Funny, sentimental, heartwarming, quarky…this year, the Super Bowl ads had them all. However, I’ve noticed a disappointing trend gaining popularity among marketers – they are showing their commercial before big game. What happened to the attempts to build suspense around the ads? The excitement? The anticipation?

Good Morning America managed to get several Super Bowl commercial sneak peeks to air during their show before the game on January 31st. I caught one of the segments the Friday morning before the game and promptly turned the channel when I realized they were going to show some of the anticipated commercials.  In some circles, the commercials are actually a bigger draw than the game. So much so that there is a website dedicated to those who just want to view the commercials.  Check it out here. 

There is also a YouTube channel called Ad Blitz before the game beginning January 16th, during the game and after the game until February 14th.  the average advertiser spends around $4 million to purchase that :30 time slot during the Super Bowl. One would think that they are just they depreciating the value of the ad they purchased when they leak it before the game? But perhaps not.

Research by Adobe Digital Index (ADI) found that Digital and TV “Double Coverage” is the key to marketing success at the Super Bowl. In fact, ADI analysis of the past three Super Bowls demonstrates that Internet traffic starts picking up for advertisers prior to Super Bowl Sunday. Traffic is typically up 15 percent during the day of the game. It stays higher than average for a few weeks after as the lingering impact of the advertising continues.
So, why would some digital marketers want to show their ad before the Big Game? Well, eMarketer reported on Jan. 31 that a recent study conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics for the National Retail Federation (NRF) found that US adults would spend an average $68.27 on Super Bowl-related items. With more than 100 million consumers expected to watch the game, total spending will reach $6.8 billion.

So even though the suspense of seeing the next hot commercial is slowly falling to the wayside, marketers are still seeing benefits from their pricey Super Bowl investment.

Just in case you’re wondering, the so far the lead favorite commercial is the Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial – “Puppy Love” . It had more than 38 million views.